Fried Pickles Easy Recipe 2021

Fried Pickles Easy Recipe 2021

This recipe for Fried Pickles makes a perfectly pleasing palatable plate of goodness. Serve them as an appetizer or a fun side dish at your next party, and watch them disappear!

It seems that just about every food known has been fried. Some successful. Others, not so much. For most fried foods I can take a bite or two and that’s enough, I can take it or leave it.

but there are other fried foods, like mushrooms, onions, or these Fried Pickles have a flavor and texture combination that just seems right.

And to take one bite or two isn’t the easiest thing to do. For that reason, we don’t prepare fried foods on a regular basis. Everything in moderation and all of that.

When we do fry something, we make sure that it’s worth the extra calories and fat. These Fried Pickles are worth it in our opinion, or as they refer to tasty things around our area, they’re “good eating.”

Of course, don’t forget the Comeback Sauce (very similar to Zax Sauce) for dipping. It’s an essential partner for Fried Pickles. It just is.

Best Pickels For Frying

There are lots of different pickles you can use for this recipe!

You can use sweet pickles, but we really love dill pickles for breading and frying.  If you want to slice your own pickles I suggest cutting them just shy of a ¼ inch thick for the best pickle to batter ratio.

However, feel free to use any kind of shape and size of pickle you want-round, ovals, spears, or halves.

Take your pickles out of the jar and make sure they are completely dried. Pat them dry and place them on a paper towel.

Variations & Tips

If you prefer different flavors, feel free to change up the herbs/spices/seasonings in the batter. Add some paprika or chili powder to make it a little spicy. You can even bake these pickles instead of frying or make them in an air fryer!

If you want to BAKE them, preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Place your breaded pickles in one layer on a lightly greased cookie sheet. Bake for 10-15 minutes until golden brown.

If you’d rather make them in an AIR FRYER, preheat the fryer to 425 degrees. Place the pickles in a single layer in the fryer basket and cook for 7-10 minutes. They should be golden brown and crispy. Then flip the pickles and cook for an additional 7-10 minutes on the other side.

Leftovers: If you happen to have any leftovers, then store them, covered, in the fridge for a couple of days. The best way to reheat them is in the oven. I like to crisp them up under the broiler for 1-2 minutes.

What Kind of Sauce Goes with Fried Pickles?

Anything creamy is a good choice. I personally like dips that have a little hint of heat. While you can use a store-bought dip, homemade is much better!

  • Buttermilk Ranch Dip Classic and simple. This homemade dip tastes so much better than store-bought and is the perfect fried pickle dipper!
  • Chipotle Garlic Sauce Creamy and delicious with a little kick!
  • Creamy Blue Cheese Dip This simple and easy dip is a classic for a good reason and it goes perfectly with crispy deep-fried pickles.
  • Creamy Jalapeno Dip This easy dip is made in the blender and perfect to prep ahead of time.

I take the pickles and dab them dry on a paper towel to help keep them from getting soggy.

Next, a simple batter is created (you can most certainly use beer batter if you prefer (I love this beer batter recipe)) and then finally a sprinkle of Panko bread crumbs which is the magic ingredient here! They add an amazing crunch to these pickles.

If you’d like, you can add your favorite seasonings into the batter as well. We add dill and paprika but adding a dash of garlic powder or cayenne pepper is great too!


4 Servings0 Hours 15 Mins0 Hours 25 Mins


For the sauce:

1/4 cup mayonnaise
1 tablespoon drained horseradish
2 teaspoons ketchup
1/4 teaspoon Cajun seasoning

For the pickles:

Peanut or vegetable oil, for frying
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1 3/4teaspoons Cajun seasoning
1/2 teaspoon Italian seasoning
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
Kosher salt
2 cups sliced dill pickles, drained


  1. Make the sauce: Mix the mayonnaise, horseradish, ketchup and Cajun seasoning in a bowl; set aside.
  2. Fry the pickles: Heat 1 inch peanut oil in a pot over medium-high heat until a deep-fry thermometer registers 375 degrees F. Meanwhile, whisk the flour, Cajun seasoning, Italian seasoning, cayenne pepper, 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/2 cup water in a large bowl until smooth. Spread the pickles on paper towels and pat dry.
  3. Add half of the pickles to the batter and toss to coat. Remove from the batter using a slotted spoon, letting the excess drip off, and add to the oil one at a time. Fry until golden brown, 1 to 2 minutes; remove with a slotted spoon and drain on paper towels. Return the oil to 375 degrees F and repeat with the remaining pickles and batter. Serve immediately with the prepared sauce.


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